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GreenShoot Capital focuses on opportunities where we can use our toolkit to impact your business. The unique and effective operating resources we bring to our partnerships include:

Data & Digital

This effort grew organically as we continually saw companies with significant opportunities to better utilize their data and take advantage of digital marketing and e-commerce.  These capabilities can have a dramatic impact, but the execution can be complex and a significant burden on management.

Our areas of focus include digital marketing, website development, pricing optimization, inventory management, and customer and product analytics.

Core Business 


GreenShoot Capital has over 20 years of experience implementing core ERP applications including Oracle, Hyperion, SAP, NetSuite and QuickBooks.  We understand how to leverage technology to improve business performance.  

Finance and Accounting

We have real world experience working in the largest accounting firms including Arthur Andersen and Grant Thornton.  We have a network of specialists that can provide coaching and advise on key accounting and finance matters.  We also bring years of experience in investment and complex financial transactions that can be leveraged to analyze and evaluate critical financial decisions.



We have an operating partner who is one of the top patent attorney's in the country and a large network of legal advisors that bring years of transaction and deal experience to our investments.  We understand how to manage risk and work every day to ensure our investments execute the highest standards of regulatory and financial compliance.


We have extensive experience in logistics and transportation.  We have partners that have owned trucking, warehouse and logistics companies and bring real world knowledge to solving important supply chain and logistics opportunities.  

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